We work in the
We do what
we can.
We give
what we have.
Our dubt is
our passion, our
passion is our
The rest in
madness of art.

Henry James

We believe we are weird.

We believe life is about emotion.

We believe in the subjective

nature of life and truth.

We believe in aestethic.

We believe in people

and in their skill to shape views,

opinions and give insights.

We believe clothes

are not just clothes.

We believe fashion is passion.

We believe in the fickleness

of fame and fortune.

We believe no one knows

the recipe for success:

hard work and perseverance

do not always dictate

any sort of triumph.

We believe one voice

can change the future.

We believe photography is about

visualizing you creative side.

We believe in beauty

with capital B.

We believe in uglyness.

We believe in bold ideas.

We believe reality

is everything combined.

We believe passion is art,

passion is sex.

We believe in playing.

We believe you have to believe

in something.

We believe in the future,

or at least we try.

Our Manifesto

We won't sell
anybody out
to buy our future


We connect to
people through
sharing our own